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Our Dairy Herd  

Our herd consists of roughly 720 milking females and 680 young stock, with about 99% of these animals registered.

We aim to produce 19,000,000 pounds of milk every year with solid components.



What is  Golden Oaks Farm main focus?

At Golden Oaks Farm our number one priority and focus is the health, comfort and safety of our herd. We work closely with our veterinarians and  nutritionists to keep our cows healthy and well-nourished with bi-weekly check-ins.  When producing safe , wholesome and nutritious milk the cows diets, living conditions and good veterinary care are all essential.  Like all dairy farmers we depend on healthy cows for the survival of our farm.  

How often are the cows milked and where does it go?

 Our cows are milked three times a day, every day and produce 10 to 15 gallons a cow daily. During the milking process, the milk goes directly from the cow to a stainless steel holding tank , where it is quickly cooled for safety and quality. Every day our milk is picked up and taken to a processing plant in WI.  At the processing plant our milk is made into award-winning cheese.

Does Golden Oaks Farm sell raw milk or products to the Public?

At Golden Oaks Farm we do not sell raw milk or any products to the public, all our milk goes directly to a processor to make amazing cheese.  

Where do the cows live on the farm?

The well-being, protection and comfort of our cows is one of the top priorities. We use free stall housing, a type of barn that allows cows the freedom to move around at will, eat and sleep whenever and wherever they choose.  In this type of barn feed for the animals is available in a feed alley (a clean, impervious surface), which cows can access 24 hours a day. In addition the barns are designed to provide sunshine and fresh air  along with an advance ventilation systems to assure good air quality. On warm days, we use fans and mister to keep the cows cool and comfortable. 

What do cows eat?

A cow that is producing milk eats about 100 pounds each day of feed, which is a combination of hay, grain, silage, proteins and minerals that our nutritionist develops to formulate a balanced and nutritious diet. The cows diets and feed mixture chances throughout the year to insure they are healthy and comfortable.  Our cows also have access to fresh clean water 24/7.

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