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Star-Ky-Blue Adelaid-Red-ET 3.4 away 7102023
Adelaid Spring Show 2023-04
Star-Ky-Blue Adelaid-Red-ET 7102023

Star-Ky-Blue Adelaid-Red-ET EX-94

Sire: Jacot

Dam: KHW Regiment Apple-2-Red EX-93 (Clone of Apple EX-96)

2nd Dam: Kamps-Hollow Altitude EX-95

Show results:

4th Sr. 2 WDE 2021

2nd 5 year old Midwest Spring Show 2023

Res. Grand Midwest Spring Show 2023

3rd 5 year old WDE 2023

Adelaid is a great representation of what the kind of donor we want at Golden-Oaks. She is a daughter of a clone of one of the greatest red cows the world has ever seen, Apple EX-96. She is bred back for next year and is on an IVF program currently.

Head over to our store to see what we have from her family!

Jacobs Goldwyn Brittany EX-95

RES. ALL-CANADIAN 4-Year-Old 2011

RES. ALL-QUEBEC 4-Year-Old 2011

1ST 4-YR 2011 ROYAL


5th Aged Cow, World Dairy Expo 2013

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