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Spring and Summer internships have been filled for 2024. We currently have opening for 2024 Fall/Winter and will start accepting 2025 Spring and Summer applications in Oct 2024 with selections happening in Dec 2024.


Golden Oaks is proud to offer exciting internship opportunities for college students who are interested in further developing their skills and knowledge of herdsmanship, nutrition, reproduction, management, and genetics. Internships are available year-round, but are most common in the summer months. The time and duration of the internship can be flexible and modified to fit each student’s schedule.

Since the induction of the internship program in 1998, Golden Oaks has provided internships for over 40 students from 12 different universities and 5 separate countries. Interns will find themselves not only fully integrated in day-to-day activities, but also have the opportunity to attend industry events, sales, shows, and farm tours. Each student is provided with a salary, housing, and a scholarship towards tuition at their respective school.

Internship Application 

Golden Oaks Farm Internship Overview 


   Safety Policies and Procedures Training 

           -Animal Handling - Equipment Safety


    Animal Handling and Management 

    Herd Health 

         - Disease/Injury Prevention - Disease/Injury Signs & Symptoms   

         - Treatments/Vaccination  - Vet Herd Check and Communication 

     Calving and Calf Care


         Heat Detection 


    Nutrition/ TMR Ration Management - Nutritionist Communication   

TMR Software and Management - Dairy Software and Management 

Milking Parlor

    Overall Milking Operation and Management 

        - Milking Policy and Procedures    - Time and Frequency of milking 

Crops and Custom Farming 

    Custom Farming Procedures and Management 

    Corp Management 

Genetic and Show Livestock 

    Handling and Care of Genetic/Show animals

       - Hand milking   - Halter Training  - Housing  

    Nutrition Management


    Embryo Transfer 

    AI Training 

    ET Breeding

    IVF Procedures

    Genomic mix testing  

    DHIA testing

    Holstein Association Registration process


Operation and Maintenance 

   Farm Equipment

   Manure Management and Importance 

   Sand Separator 

Education and Commutation 

   Opportunities for  Onsite/Offsite Training and Seminars

   Providing Tours for School groups and World of Dairy Expo participants, etc. 

   Learning how to commutate with Vets, Nutritionist, Genetic Specialist and fellow colleagues

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