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Farm Tours

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Groups and Schools are always welcomed to schedule a tour throughout the year during the week.

Please email our office at with requested tour dates/times, number of children's/adults,  children age range and main contact information. 


We offer a  tour where you will learn about the below aspect of  running a dairy farm and get a brief window into

our genetic show cows life.

*Tours average 1 to 2 hours depending on size and age of group.

Animal Care 

           Calf care and the start of life 

           Cow care  Dairy/Show and where they live

           Keeping animals comfortable and healthy 

Milk Production

          Milking parlor and equipment 

          Where does the milk go?

          Importance of dairy

Crops and Feeding

         What is grown on the farm?

         The different type of feed cows eat

         Cows diet and importance of nutrients for dairy and show cows


       The different ways we recycle 

        Compost operation, what it is made of and where does it go

     *On request we offer an tour of Midwest Organics Recycling for a in depth look of composting*

Along the way we encourage the tour groups to think of questions they would like to ask , as we will set aside ample time for questions with one of our Herdsmen.

We recommend the below sites to explore with your group before and after your tour.

*Discover Dairy  @

* AG Classroom @

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