Our Genetic Herd 

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Golden Oaks Farm strive to efficiently and profitably produce both a quality dairy product and superior cattle genetics while maintaining the integrity of agriculture in a suburban setting.

The focus of Golden Oaks Farm Genetics' Team is to breed and develop superior Holstein genetics- both Black and Red. This is accomplished through careful selection of the top genetics in our herd and supplemented with additional superior genetics from around the world. We utilize an extensive embryo transfer and IVF program through Sunshine Genetics in Whitewater, WI.  As a result of our breeding program, numerous high-value genetic  females, bulls and embryos are sold worldwide each year.  


Le-O-La Arvis Lauralee is now Ex-95!

We would like to thank everyone who has played a roll with this cow and congratulate the Demmer family on breeding Lauralee.

Be sure to stop by and see Lauralee and the rest of the Golden Oaks string at

World Dairy Expo they are tied in Isle 15 of Pavilion 2.


Photos By: Andrew Hetke & Cowsmopolitan

We would like to recognize and Congratulate the different Breeders that have had success this 2022 summer with Golden Oaks bred animals.

-Golden-Oaks AV Integrity-ET EX-92

Avalanche X Ivy EX-94

Grand Champion Wisconsin District 2 Holstein Show

-Golden-Oaks Denver 9419

Denver X 89 Beemer X 88 Absolute X Goldwyn Barbra EX-96

1st Place Spring yearling Mid-West Fall National

-Golden-Oaks Long Shot-ET

Thunderstorm X 94 Doorman X Locket EX-94

1st Place Spring yearling Wisconsin Championship show

Le-O-La Arvis Lauralee.jpg

Lauralee (Ex 95)


Apple-Pts Amita *RC (EX-92 MAX)


Renaissance (Ex 92 Max)


Flower-Brook Coral-Red (EX-93)


Fame (VG 88)

Adelaid ..jpg

Adelaid (Ex 92 Max)

Genetic Herd Manager - Lucas Moser  Email: LMoser@Crown-Chicago.com  Tel: 517-242-6458

Farm Manager - Tony Ventura  Email: TVentura@Crown-Chicago.com  Tel: 815-276-2264