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Current Available Positions 

We are seeking a dedicated Fresh Pen Assist Herdsperson to join our team. This position involves working closely with livestock in a farm setting and assisting with various tasks related to animal care and management. Email with resume and to setup up interview.


Pay Range $17 to $19 depends on experience.

6 Days a Week -11 Hour Shifts Mon-Fri with a rotating weekend day

This position will oversee, plan, communication and assist in decision making for Fresh pen.

·         Assist in evaluating all components of transition cow program to identify successes or where improvements are needed.

·         Assist in evaluation of longer-term trends to understand how well the transition program is working in general.

·         Troubleshoot apparent problems in the fresh pen with the cows, their housing, and their feed report to Herd/Farm Manager.

·         Oversee Ketosis and PH levels testing, tracking, monitoring for trends and entering data into Dairy Comp

·         Communication with Herd Manager, Farm Manager and Nutritionist on Fresh Cow pen trends to help formula a plan to correct issue or to confirm improvement.


·         Examine health of individual fresh cows daily and monitoring of fresh pen overall

·         Handling all Fresh Cow testing and tracking for Ketosis and PH levels

·         Ability to draw tail vein blood and place IV in cattle

·         Ability to recognize disease and administrate treatments

·         Basic knowledge of Dairy Comp and SCR system

·         Daily accurate entry in Dairy Comp for Fresh pen diseases and treatment

·         Assist in Dry cow pen monitoring body condition

·         Assist Herd Manager when needed

·         Assist Genetic Manager when needed

·         Assist Farm Manager when needed

·         Daily check in with Farm and Herd Manager on status of Fresh Pen

·         Assist with barn cleanliness, power washing, garbage

·         Assist with Cleanliness of equipment on farm

·         PM Program and completion

·         Provide status update at monthly team meeting

·         Review daily and monthly reports to understand Fresh pen trends

·         Follow and help enforce all Fresh pen policies and protocols

·         Assist with all herd reproduction protocols and data entry into Dairy Comp (heat detector, breeder, and injections)

·         Assist with all herd health practices

·         Assist with herd hoof health and decisions on hoof trimming

·         Supervisor and instruct Interns when need


- Prior experience in veterinary or farm settings is advantageous
- Ability to handle animals safely and effectively
- Proficiency in basic math for measuring feed quantities and medication dosages
- Capability to perform heavy lifting and physical tasks associated with farm work

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